Joe Jordan and his Model Boats

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After yet another model plane crash in Rancocas, a young Joe Jordan decided he needed a different hobby. Thus model boat building became a reality for him. In 1998, after retiring, Joe bought a catalog business from a friend. The business sold model boats and boat parts. Another acquaintance had lots of models and equipment. Joe couldn’t resist having access to all of that, and was drawn in—hook, line and sinker. Continue Reading →

Books and Technology in the New Large Print Library

The new Large Print Library is a place where books and technology work amicably together, and the technology warmly welcomes users. What was in earlier days no more than two corridors crossing each other with the book collection on each side of the entrance has, under Miriam Feyerherm’s guidance, with important technical contributions from Dave Bartram and Margaret Eysmans, become a warm and inviting space with the feeling of being enclosed and private. Continue Reading →

The Tradition of Origami at Medford Leas

From its founding, Medford Leas has had connections with Japanese traditions that have enriched the entire community. In December 2016 residents continued and expanded them to bring a message of peace to us all. The Iconic Crane in Origami – The best known origami model is the crane, a three-dimensional winged... 
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