Burlington County Times: Program takes look at Washington’s playbook

In late 1777, the Revolutionary War was ravaging the Colonies. For Gen. George Washington’s troops, winter was coming, and there were choices to be made that would affect not only his soldiers, but also the outcome of the conflict. With the pressure from his countrymen weighing on his shoulders, Washington didn’t hesitate to declare, “There Is But One Option for the Winter: Valley Forge.”

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Burlington County Times: Learn how visualization works in life and art

Like many artists, Patricia Worley has a philosophy. The South Jersey artist aspires to “capture the ordinary and make it extraordinary.” That sounds like it’s easier said than done, for non-creative geniuses.

But Worley, a successful nature and travel photographer, believes that creating great art requires hard work even before picking up a camera, paintbrush or pencil. It isn’t called the “creative process” for nothing.

The romanticized image of an artist, suddenly struck by inspiration and compelled to paint in the heat of the moment, tends to stick in people’s minds. But for many working artists, there are quite a few steps to be followed before taking a brush in hand.

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