Burlington County Times: Learn how visualization works in life and art

Like many artists, Patricia Worley has a philosophy. The South Jersey artist aspires to “capture the ordinary and make it extraordinary.” That sounds like it’s easier said than done, for non-creative geniuses. But Worley, a successful nature and travel photographer, believes that creating great art requires hard work even before

Burlington County Times: Program has the latest buzz about honey bees

They’re living the sweet life. But don’t take that to mean that everything is coming up roses. When it comes to beneficial insects, honey bees are queen of the hive. How could we ever live without these hard workers? Well, we really couldn’t. Honey bees are the primary pollinators of

Burlington County Times: Learn about the Vegetarian Lifestyle

published by Rebecca Carlbon on November 9, 2016 Be a vegetarian for a day, and make that day Nov. 19. That’s when the Vegetarian Society of South Jersey (VSSJ) will hold its 30th Anniversary Celebration at Medford Leas with a day-long event, complete with speakers, an auction and a vegan

Burlington County Times: Uncorking the History of Garden State Wines

published by Melissa Hanejko on November 6, 2016 What comes to mind when someone thinks about New Jersey? Well, home, of course, for those fortunate enough to live here. But across the country, New Jersey is known for quite a few things. Beaches, the Pine Barrens, the turnpike, wine …



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