How Does Music Affect the Mind and Body?

Old Fashioned Record Player | How Does Music Affect the Mind and Body

When you hear your favorite music, how does it make you feel? Perhaps it brings back fond memories and transports you — even momentarily — to another time and place. Maybe it makes you feel relaxed from head to toe. Or maybe it gets your blood pumping and makes you... 
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11 Things you Didn’t Know About Independent Living at Medford Leas

You may have heard that you can enjoy a convenient, fulfilling and fun lifestyle in independent living. In most cases, delicious meals, lifelong learning, social opportunities and cultural enrichment help make independent living the ideal environment for pursuing your passions. In addition to the above, independent living at Medford Leas... 
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20 Fun New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

New Years Celebration in New York City

Each new year provides us with exciting opportunities to try new things and build new habits. But here’s a fun little secret: We don’t actually need a new year to try something new. Every new day is a new chance to be, do, try, or start something amazing! Not sure where... 
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Reasons You Should Consider an Independent Living Community

Some of your friends have moved into a senior living community and you may find yourself wondering if you should do the same. You don’t need the extra assistance with daily activities, so would you see a benefit from such a move? Absolutely! There are many reasons to consider moving... 
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What is Senior Rehabilitation?

Senior rehabilitation covers a broad range of services that are prescribed by a doctor and provided by highly trained professionals. Senior rehabilitation services may only be needed for a short period of time (to recover from a surgery or hospital stay) or may require long-term therapy and treatment for any... 
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