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Is that what Shamrocks look like?

Astonished by the lovely row of plants on the window sill,  I reached for my camera.   The trifoliate leaves were three inches across!  Had I been mistaken all my life thinking shamrock was clover?    Of course I went to Google and — if you’re wondering...

Close Encounter

Previously Lumberton resident Pete McCord wrote about the Mockingbird on his roof. Now he writes about going mano a mano with a six-point buck. This morning on walking our woodland trails a large 6 point buck bounded toward me, driving a much smaller doe.  When he saw...

A Six-Hour Vacation

by Maggie Heineman John Speirs, the one man with 24 women, sent me words and pictures for a summary of the July 25 bus excursion to Historic Mt. Holly. John wrote: “Who knew so much history was so close to Medford Leas? I did not. On a perfect day for an...
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