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Beth Bogie’s article in the January 2014 issue of Medford Leas Life provides an interesting account of the construction project, from September 2012 up to the present.
In September 2012, CEO Jeremy Vickers introduced Medford Leas residents to the proposed plans for the redevelopment of Estaugh, the long-term care unit, and Haddon next door, home of assisted living. They would be seeking state approvals through the fall and winter, he said. But, he added with pleasure, “This is the first time that it all has come together.” Today, at the end of 2014, he can look with satisfaction at the Estaugh and Haddon additions moving steadily toward their outward completion.   Construction actually started when site work demolition commenced on January 31, 2014. Soon work on Estaugh and Haddon went forward briskly. As we close out 2014 and enter 2015, the Estaugh addition is weathertight, and Haddon’s extension is under its roof, with internal framing of its rooms beginning. roof1   roof3aIn Estaugh, 12 rooms are framed out with metal studs, the roof is secured andwindows are in. The yellow external wall board is now covered with a blue thermal shield. This will then be covered by siding for the exterior walls. Indoors, electrical wiring is being inserted in the walls before more insulation is applied and then covered with sheet rock for the interior walls. Work on Haddon was slowed when digging for an elevator shaft struck water. The hydrology problem was solved, but it put progress on Haddon a month behind Estaugh. Workers in December were pushing hard to catch up. Concrete was poured for the basement and first-floor walls and structural steel was going up by mid-month. By year’s end the roof was secured. Indoors two corridors have been created between Estaugh and Haddon, on either side of what will be a garden courtyard, and three rooms have been eliminated in Haddon. Bill speaks highly of Reeves Construction. “They’re doing a real thorough job,” he says. He goes to a construction meeting every two weeks. The engineers are there as well as the architects. He also goes to the site every day. What’s next in 2015? In the near-term, in Estaugh, sheet-rocking will be completed and ceilings and floors will be installed, as well as finished doors. In Haddon, framing of the rooms will continue and the sprinkler system will be installed. “These buildings will be very legal and very safe,” Bill says. “Everything will be fireproofed.” The big news for 2015, however, is that both buildings will be opened, and residents and staff will move into their newly decorated quarters. One-half of those in Estaugh will remain in Estaugh, and one-half will move into Haddon. Back in September 2012, Jeremy complimented the work of his 18-member planning committee, half staff and half residents. “Our goal was not only to have a plan” he laughed, “but to actually do it!” Without question, they are doing it!  
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