Indoor Exercises to Enjoy

With spring just around the corner, many people are turning their attention to being more active. The rising temperatures make exercising outdoors an option, but changeable weather — not to mention pollen and other allergens — can present obstacles to a regular fitness routine. If you’re ready to get moving... 
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6 (Delicious!) Heart Healthy Snack Recipes

It’s never too early or too late to care for the most important muscle in your body. Good grab-and-go snacks include oatmeal, dark chocolate (70% cocoa), or any of your favorite veggies.  But if you are looking to mix things up, we’ve got you covered.  To help you keep a... 
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Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine Offer a Unique Wellness Approach

We’ve all heard these terms – alternative, complementary and integrative medicine. But what do they really mean? When these terms are used, we’re usually talking about healthcare approaches developed and used outside mainstream, conventional and traditional medicine. Although many people use the terms “complementary” and “alternative” interchangeably, their practices differ.... 
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Second Time Vendor – A Personal Story

by Kathy Riley  I had moved to the Lumberton campus in February 2016, and in September I agreed to be a resident vendor at the Craft Fair without ever having attended one. That gave me about three months to create an inventory and learn the ropes. The thought of setting... 
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There are many decisions to be made when choosing your next home and community. Let us help. Download our Guidebook and learn more about life at Medford Leas.

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