How Does a Continuing Care
Retirement Community Work?

When you or a family member make the decision to seek supportive care in a residential setting, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) may meet your needs. CCRCs offer health care along with a variety of services, amenities and social activities in a single community. As your health needs change,... 
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The Rich History of Medford, New Jersey

In the 1870s, the township of Medford, New Jersey, was making a name for itself. The railroad had arrived in 1869, with sawmills, gristmills and a glass factory following suit. The railroad provided a way to ship products into New York and Philadelphia, bringing boom times for the people of... 
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5 of the Best Health Apps for Seniors

As your aging friends and family members get more comfortable with the convenience and connection technology affords them, they may consider expanding their “technical” toolbox to include health apps. Health applications for tablets or smartphones can improve medication compliance, promote healthy meal choices and encourage and track physical activity. When... 
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10 Things to Know About Assisted Living

You may know that assisted living helps millions of people live as independently as possible, but there is a lot you may not know about assisted living. Assisted living communities are apartment-styled homes that offer a great deal of freedom to older adults, for example, or be unaware that assisted living communities... 
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Assisted Living for Married Couples:
5 Key Questions to Consider

Making decisions about assisted living for one individual can be challenging. Making decisions for a married couple, especially if the two individuals require different levels of care, can feel overwhelming. The good news is that many married couples have found themselves in this situation and have made decisions that ended... 
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