Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

The Voice Menu

One of the reasons I use the Voice menu service is that it saves me going over for food when the main dish is liver,” a resident admits. “But that is not the main reason. It is hard for me to read paper menus.” What is The Voice menu? Use your house phone from...

Books and Technology in the New Large Print Library

The new Large Print Library is a place where books and technology work amicably together, and the technology warmly welcomes users. What was in earlier days no more than two corridors crossing each other with the book collection on each side of the entrance has,...

Passwords and iCloud KeyChain

This morning the iPad Users’ Group is learning about the iCloud KeyChain.  The lesson is online with details about passwords in general and instructions on how to use the iCloud Keychain. The iPad User’s Group website, established in July 2013, has links...

It’s iPad Users Group Day

Today is the 4th Monday  –  so a quick trip to the iPad Users Group page is in order.  What’s going on today?   Ahh, it’s an open workshop for small group help.     Hmm, that page not only has notes from the previous...

Learning Like a Five Year Old

From Dave Bartram’s iPad Users Group Page. This is our grandson Patrick. Patrick is five years old, and has been very good at an iPad game called “Angry Birds” for some time. We’ve all marveled at how our grandchildren are so proficient with technology compared...

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