Meet the Residents

Many backgrounds, many shared values.

Medford Leas is home to more than 600 residents living in 450 homes of varying designs. Residents come from all walks of life: engineers, educators, physicians, librarians, clergy, attorneys, social workers, financial services professionals, nurses and many who served in not-for-profit organizations and government posts… to name just a few. Yet all are bound by common threads: kindness, graciousness, and a community looking to enrich our own lives and those around us.


Hear from residents and learn the paths they took (and decisions they made) that led them to Medford Leas.

Len and Dorothy Cebula

A few years ago, Len and Dorothy Cebula were living in a 55+ community. Although they were young and healthy, they started to realize that the services there would not be adequate as they grew older. They have two sons with successful professional lives and busy families, and did not want to burden them with making tough decisions for their parents. So they decided to be proactive…

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Dorothy Cebula – The Right Fit

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are as varied as today’s universities. Both have distinctive features, cultures, financial requirements and goals. Neither universities or CCRCs are ‘just right’ for everyone’s needs, preferences or interests. When I considered investigating a retirement community for myself, I was faced with a myriad of choices that could be overwhelming…

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Julien and Margaret Eysmans

Julien’s daughter, Margaret, applauds her father for taking advantage of all that Medford Leas has to offer. “Dad wasn’t reticent at all about moving to the Medford campus when he felt like it was time,” she says. “In fact, he started the conversation.” When Julien thinks about life in the greater Moorestown community and now at Medford Leas, he says, “The greatest part of my life has been living here.”…

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Medford Leas Residents Association

Over 40 years ago, residents created the Medford Leas Residents Association (MLRA). The association sponsors over 90 self-directed activity and interest groups. All residents are members of the association. Learn More.

locationsWho Lives Here

Medford Leas residents come from many states — especially “the Northeast corridor.” Approximately half the population moved from the southern New Jersey/greater Philadelphia area. Some additional interesting demographics:

76% Single; 24% Couples
65% Female; 35% Male



Medford Leas Guidebook

There are many decisions to be made when choosing your next home and community. Let us help. Download our Guidebook and learn more about life at Medford Leas.

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