Continuing Care

The perfect balance of healthcare and healthy living.

Medford Leas is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive retirement community in NJ of older adults, enriching life with the highest standards of care. With varying levels of specialized support, services include all that can be found within a traditional long term care retirement community.

Individualized care and respect within intimate environments are the core of Medford Leas’ wellness philosophy. Offering a range of healthcare services across multiple neighborhoods, this care is supported by a full-time and part-time staff of physicians, practitioner(s), nurses, and other specialists.

Continuing Care at Medford Leas offers Assisted Living, rehabilitation, home carelong-term care, as well as additional services and is backed by our unique Seven Dimensions of Wellness, a series of guiding principles that overlap and coordinate to provide rich environments for the best in life enrichment.

Medford Leas’ continuing care retirement community also specializes in Integrative and Alternative Modalities, such as:

  • Massage therapy – An on-site massage practitioner, certified in both geriatric and oncologic massage.
  • Reiki – A hands-on technique, by a knowledgeable practitioner, designed to help foster healing and relieve discomfort.
  • Aromatherapy – The use of therapeutic essential oils, by a knowledgeable practitioner, to aid with stress relief, to promote sense of well-being, and to provide relief from multiple symptoms.
  • Biopuncture – The injection of homeopathic formulations, by a knowledgeable practitioner, to relieve musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.
  • Nutraceuticals – A knowledgeable specialist uses pharmaceutical-grade plant-based, vitamin, or nutritional supplements to treat a multitude of medical problems. May be used in conjunction with or instead of traditional medications, depending on resident preference and physician recommendation.
  • Dietary counseling – Given by a dietary specialist with a focus on overall wellness, dietary adaptations may be used as treatment. Personalized nutritional counseling is available to help tailor an eating plan to meet the needs of individual clients.

Assisted Living

Medford Leas promotes an active and independent lifestyle to residents, however, we also provide quality and caring assisted living support to those who may need it. Medford Leas’ Assisted Living program provides individualized support service, personal assistance, and programs to encourage and maximize independence. Residents have accommodations in a comfortable, home-like environment.


At Medford Leas, we center care and service around restoring an individual to optimal health. Our in-patient treatment philosophy is designed to get you home as quickly as possible by providing the highest level of physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being. Short-term care is available on the Medford Campus for those who are ill or who require recovery or rehabilitation following a hospitalization.

Long Term Care

Medford Leas provides long-term skilled nursing care and therapeutic recreation for residents requiring total support for physical and/or cognitive needs. All residents may receive care at the Health Center on the Medford Campus, led by a full-time, Board-certified medical director and staffed by physicians, nurse practitioner(s) and other qualified professionals.

Additional Services

With so many options for both living well and ongoing care at Medford Leas, wellness is a philosophy we believe in. A few resources include: The Brain Gym “Brain Fitness” and “Insight" programs, Therapeutic Recreation (TR), Fitness and Aquatic Programs, a Nurse Liaison, Social Services, Social Workers, and Resident Services. The Medford Leas’ Resident Association also contributes to resident wellness in many ways.

Home Care

Medford Leas provides home care for residents that need skilled nursing care in their homes.



Medford Leas Guidebook

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