Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

Frequently Asked

  • FAQ How do I take the next step?
  • The journey to becoming a resident of Medford Leas starts with a very simple step – let us know you’re interested! Our team is happy to give you a tour and begin your personal journey. Request a tour today by scheduling a tour. - Request More Info -
  • FAQ What makes Medford Leas different from other communities?
  • While all communities have unique qualities, we believe Medford Leas has several we wish to share with you: Vibrant, Engaged Residents Medford Leas residents are truly our greatest asset, with their self-governing residents’ association and over 90 resident-directed committees and activity groups. Residents are diverse – coming from a variety of faiths and backgrounds – engaged with their community, and share a common dedication in employing their individual gifts and life experiences to enrich their own lives and the lives of others. Quaker Values Medford Leas – together with our sponsor, The Estaugh – is guided in our philosophy and practices by the teachings and beliefs of Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), particularly the basic tenet that there is “That of God” in everyone, and the respect for sanctity and value of every individual inherent in this belief. This leads to an open and caring community. As a not-for-profit, mission-driven organization, The Estaugh recognizes its relationship to the broader community as a responsible employer, community business, and neighbor. Friendliness The most common observation visitors share with us is that residents and staff are so friendly and enjoy such ease and warm relationships with one another. Arboretum Perhaps the most dramatic difference is the beauty of our setting. Both campuses are nestled into 250+ acres of open space that is the Barton Arboretum and Nature Preserve. All residences are open to green space; traveling to, from and through the campus is a joyful experience of nature. These extraordinary properties were intentionally developed as a beautiful setting where residents and employees can live and work. The Arboretum features landscaped gardens, meadows, and natural woodlands. More than 1,300 specimens of trees on the Medford campus alone are labeled with plaques designating their common and botanical names, along with their unique Global Positioning System (GPS) identifier. Residents enjoy activities utilizing the extensive trails and the Lois Forrest Nature Center. Distinct Neighborhoods In addition to Medford Leas’ natural beauty, our community is also known for its diverse range of residential neighborhoods – from garden-level courtyard apartments to clustered townhouses and spacious patio homes – all uniquely arranged amidst the arboretum. Not only do we offer many choices in the location and style of your preferred home, you can truly personalize it by working with us to customize the features and finishing touches before you move in. Wellness and Healthcare The dream of personalized “healthcare for life” is a reality at Medford Leas. Our unique on-site program features full-time primary care physicians and nurse practitioners on staff. Together they personally coordinate care with the best specialists and treatment programs available – both locally and in Philadelphia. Our extensive array of additional on-site health and wellness services offers the perfect primary care complement. Finally, as a result of our “patient partnership” approach, residents enjoy close, participatory and enduring relationships with our healthcare team. Emphasis on Mind and Body Fitness for Life Medford Leas places great emphasis on the total integration of mind and body fitness and its importance in enjoying a high quality of life. As with our healthcare staff, we offer an impressive full-time team of dedicated and well-trained fitness professionals who facilitate optimum use of our facilities – including two fitness centers, exercise studios, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive array of programming featuring everything from water aerobics, to core strengthening classes, to providing personalized fitness regimens and instruction. Complementing body fitness is Medford Leas’ award-winning “Cognitive Fitness Brain Gym” program – which utilizes the scientifically proven and nationally-acclaimed Posit Science Computer-based workout along with other specially designed techniques to help residents improve brain plasticity.
  • FAQ Are there advantages to choosing a not-for-profit community?
  • U.S. corporations are charted either as “for-profit” or “not-for-profit.” The officers of for-profit companies are charged with generating profits for their shareholders. By contrast, not-for-profit organizations have no shareholders, leaving any excess of revenue realized over operating expenses for the exclusive benefit of the organization’s clients or members. Examples of historically not-for-profit entities include educational institutions, places of worship, hospitals, and continuing care retirement communities. Such organizations receive tax benefits, helping to ensure that their mission continues and that the persons they serve receive all benefits of operation directly. Simply stated, residents of not-for-profit communities are the sole beneficiaries of its “profits.”
  • FAQ How do I know if I can afford Medford Leas?
  • We offer complimentary preliminary financial reviews by phone or in person. With a variety of residential living accommodations and contractual options, Medford Leas has entrance fee and monthly fee packages that are affordable for most asset and income levels.
  • FAQ How is Medford Leas a ‘community for those ages 55+ with an innovative choice’?
  • The monthly fee you pay assures you a lifetime warranty on all interior and exterior repairs and maintenance. Medford Leas takes responsibility for everything from appliance repairs and replacements, to outside “chores” (lawn care, snow removal, landscaping, painting, etc.), to structural and system repairs (such as roofs, heating and air conditioning). Dependent upon the neighborhood you choose, even housekeeping services may be included.
  • FAQ What do you mean by ‘total home maintenance’?
  • The monthly fee you pay assures you a lifetime warranty on all interior and exterior repairs and maintenance. Medford Leas takes responsibility for everything from appliance repairs and replacements, to outside “chores” (lawn care, snow removal, landscaping, painting, etc.), to structural and system repairs (such as roofs, heating and air conditioning). Dependent upon the neighborhood you choose, even housekeeping services may be included.
  • FAQ Are pets allowed?
  • Yes. The Medford Leas policy outlines procedures for pet owners that ensures that the interests of pet owners and non-pet-owners are protected. Please ask to review our complete pet policy for all the guidelines. 
  • FAQ What does it mean that Medford Leas is an ‘accredited’ community?
  • For over 30 years, Medford Leas has been accredited by CARF, the only national, independent accrediting body that evaluates and certifies the quality of a CCRC’s services and governance. Accreditation is achieved through observations, financial analysis, policy reviews and interviews with residents, staff and board members. This rigorous, voluntary assessment assures current and future residents that our community strives for and achieves the highest standards of quality in all its services and practices. Medford Leas is especially proud to stand as one of only a handful of CCRC’s in the United States to have sought and retained its accredited status since the Commission’s inception in 1985. The hallmark concept for those moving to our Lumberton campus is the choice between our traditional CCRC Residence and Care Agreement (which covers both residential amenities and continuing care) or our innovative Residence Agreement. The Residence Agreement provides the full complement of residential amenities, maintenance-free living, and services with optional fee-for-service access to our wellness, health, and long-term care services.
  • FAQ What happens if my health status changes after I move in?
  • Medford Leas’ on-site assisted living and skilled nursing care staff are ready to accommodate you for either temporary stays or full-time residency should your healthcare needs ever change.

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