Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

handsWavingCloudsTraining Techniques.  This lesson provides general principles and training techniques that apply to a wide variety of exercises and physical activities. Like the earlier post “Four Points of Posture”  this lesson was presented during Fitness Day on January 23, 2013. It includes two videos showing  balance exercises.    Objectives of this Lesson:  * To review the ten fundamental and static dynamic movements * To explain the three phases of an exercise * To explain the four “C’s” of an exercise * To discuss and demonstrate training tips Ten Fundamental and Static and Dynamic Movements 1. Pushing; 2. Pulling: 3. Reaching; 4. Bending; 5. Rotating; 6. Walking; 7. Lunging/Stepping Up; 8. Sitting; 9. Standing; 10. Squatting. Three Phases of an Exercise 1. Preparation 2. Speed of the Movement 3. Muscular Contraction The Four “C’s” of an Exercise 1. Concentration — concentrate, focus on the movement pattern 2. Contraction – contract and feel muscle working 3. Control – Control momentum and speed 4. Correction — correction between the three phases of each repetition Many Exercises May Begin in the Following Positions * Shoulder Wide Stance * Hip Width * Narrow Stance * Staggered Stance * Seated Hinge Position” * Standing Hinge Position” * Squat / Sit to Stand * Lunge In Review * Practice the three phases of an exercise. * Practice the four “C’s” of an exercise. * Use proper training techniques whle performing some type of physical activity 3 to 4 times weekly. [youtube ok1gB28LaWs] [youtube YJisTCwzhJM]  

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