Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

hearingloopTHE HEARING LOOP AND COSTS (Part III of a three-part series) by Helen L. Vukasin from Medford Leas Life,  January 2014

In the first two parts of this series we examined the need for and the technology of the Hearing Loop.  In this last section we are outlining the cost of installing the mechanisms that provide better quality sound and the costs of receiving the direct clear sound.     The cost of installing the induction system varies widely with the size and shape of the facility and sometimes built-in obstructions. For example, installing a loop for your TV set in your home could cost as little as $300.  Installing the loop in a theater such as the one at Medford Leas is estimated at $3,000. Medford Leas is pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the D’Olier Foundation that will allow us to install this technology in the Theater, the Holly Room and, on the Lumberton campus, the Great Room. The cost of receiving this improved sound is even more variable. It is designed to be used with a copper coil installed in individual hearing aids.  When purchasing new hearing aids or replacing  hearing aids, the cost can be as low as $8 to $20  for the coil to be installed.  Very few hearing aids can be retrofitted with the coil.  That means it is essential that people with hearing loss be aware of getting the coil when and if they purchase new hearing aids or replace their present hearing aids. There is one other form of access to the hearing loop and that is with portable receivers, similar to the ones now in use in the Theater.  Medford Leas will be purchasing a few of these especially for residents who have hearing loss but do not use hearing aids. Reports on the installation of the loop will appear here as appropriate. Additional Information can be obtained from the Information Technology, or IT, department hotline (654-3018) or from Dave Bartram (267-7783).

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