Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

HEARING LOOP – The Technology (Part II of a three-part series) by Helen L. Vukasin
from Medford Leas Life,  December 2013
Like electronic computers, magnetic induction loop technology began more than a half century ago    Now newly developed forms, such as new amplifiers, telecoil technologies and  computer-modeled designs for complex installations have increased applications.   Here is the way the loop works:
  1. A sound source, such as voice, TV, cinema or other audio system, is captured using a microphone or direct connection with the source.
  2. The sound signal is then connected to an Audio Induction Loop Amplifier, which generates a current to pass the signal to an induction loop, usually made of copper tape or wire.
  3. The copper wire induction loop (usually) wraps around the area where the listening audience is located and produces a magnetic field.
  4. The magnetic field is picked up by the telecoil (T coil) inside the hearing aid of hearing-impaired members of an audience.
  5. The hearing aid tailors the sound to the specific needs of the individual.  Sound is delivered directly into the ear canal, without background noise and with the full spectrum of sound frequencies required for intelligibility.
Medford Leas is awaiting news of the application for funds to install the loop in the Medford Leas Theater and in the Great Room on the Lumberton campus.  Any resident buying hearing aids for the first time, or replacing old ones, should be sure to have a telecoil installed in the device to maximize its effectiveness with loop technology.

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