Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

With spring just around the corner, many people are turning their attention to being more active. The rising temperatures make exercising outdoors an option, but changeable weather — not to mention pollen and other allergens — can present obstacles to a regular fitness routine. If you’re ready to get moving this spring, consider the many benefits of exercising indoors. When you move your workout inside, you can enjoy freedom from worrying about the weather, and you won’t need to don a hat, sunscreen or insect repellent. Day or night, your workout space is available, and you can bask in air-conditioned comfort as the mercury rises outside. At Medford Leas, you’ll find a variety of indoor exercise options to help you stay active. Whether you’re interested in improving strength and balance, or maintaining your existing workout routine, you can enjoy a comprehensive selection of wellness options. Pool Exercises Just about everyone loves spending time in an indoor pool, and water workouts are especially gentle and easy on joints. If you’ve suffered an injury or have arthritis, pool exercises may provide you with an effective method for getting fit or maintaining physical conditioning. Swimming laps is an easy and fun way to get active in the pool. In addition, individuals with joint problems often can swim at higher intensity than they might be able to run or walk, so you get an even better workout. Swimming also works well on rest days from other types of exercise. If you swim underwater, your body adapts to use oxygen more efficiently. As a result, swimmers often experience lower blood pressure and lower resting heart rates. Swimming also can help reduce stress and promote a calm mood. If you don’t enjoy swimming or prefer group activities, consider a pool exercise class at Medford Leas. Pool workouts can help you improve your aerobic endurance, and you’ll build strength and flexibility by working a variety of muscles. If you lift weights, a pool exercise class can be highly effective for off days; working against the resistance of the water gives you a real workout without straining your joints and muscles. Yoga Classes Yoga practitioners understand that this ancient form of exercise can help improve strength as it endows a sense of calm and peace to both mind and body. At Medford Leas, yoga participants enjoy classes that include breathing exercises, along with postures that help provide flexibility and strength to different muscle groups. Research has found that relaxation methods used in yoga can help decrease chronic back pain, headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions. In addition, yoga may help with insomnia and high blood pressure. Along with improving flexibility and strength, yoga can help with weight reduction and overall vitality and well-being. If you participate in other types of physical activity, yoga can help improve your conditioning and performance, and it can help you guard against injury. Yoga also can help you manage stress, which can cause serious physical consequences. For many people, yoga serves as a method for achieving optimal health of both mind and body. Individuals at every level practice yoga, but beginners are welcome, and you can always work at your own pace. A Variety of Indoor Fitness Activities Medford Leas offers various fitness and aquatics activities to help keep you fit, healthy and vital. Research has found that people who work out with a partner often are more motivated than people who exercise alone; you can always find a friend to keep you company when you engage in indoor fitness activities. Exercise studios, personal trainers and a variety of staff-directed wellness programming at Medford Leas can help you achieve your fitness goals as you enjoy the many benefits of indoor activities. With the heated indoor pool and spa, you can enjoy an array of aquatics exercise, including water walking. In addition, indoor exercise programs include balance and posture training, core strengthening, tai chi and yoga. Long-time exercisers know that mixing up your routine — with a combination of indoor and outdoor activities — is a great way to stay motivated and attain higher levels of fitness. At Medford Leas, you can participate in a wide variety of indoor fitness activities, including group classes, water exercise and more. To learn more about our fitness offerings and our community please contact us today.

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