Burlington County Times: Columnist Sally Friedman to be honored Thursday

Columnist Sally Friedman will be honored Thursday at the Burlington County Library in Westampton for her five decades in journalism. The Medford Leas resident will share what she’s learned about life through her own experiences by reading several columns and take questions from the audience about all aspects of life.

The Central Record: Medford Leas residents make food for the needy

                    Medford Leas Retirement Community Dining Room Coordinator Susan Hurst (left) assists resident Hannah Wilson (right) with putting on a hair net.  Wilson, along with other residents helped to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Cathedral Kitchen to help

Burlington County Times: Legal experts discuss LGBTQ issues in Medford

By Sally Friedman / Correspondent Posted Jun 10, 2018 at 8:41 PM Two legal experts addressed the legal decision-making processes on current LGBTQ issues to coincide with Pride Month to an audience of about 100 residents. It seems a long leap from wedding cakes to the United States Supreme Court.

The Inquirer: What to ask when considering a continuing care retirement community

APRIL 3, 2018 — 2:22 PM EDT  by Sally Friedman, For the Inquirer

Sally and Vic Friedman discuss details about their move to a continuing care retirement community with Annie Mazur, director of marketing at Medford Leas. AKIRA SUWA / FOR THE INQUIRER

The hints from our three daughters and sons-in-law were at first subtle — and then not so much.

“Those stairs will get harder and harder,” one would say of our current home. “Especially with your back,” they’d add, eyes planted firmly on me. My bad back is legendary, and I was having a particularly bad siege.

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Burlington County Times: Program takes look at Washington’s playbook

In late 1777, the Revolutionary War was ravaging the Colonies. For Gen. George Washington’s troops, winter was coming, and there were choices to be made that would affect not only his soldiers, but also the outcome of the conflict. With the pressure from his countrymen weighing on his shoulders, Washington didn’t hesitate to declare, “There Is But One Option for the Winter: Valley Forge.”

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