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Just call him Dr. James. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, James D’Amico, DO, comes to us with a full plate of experience in face-to-face relationships with seniors, which will no doubt benefit us all as he talks to us and treats us. He claims he is a very lucky man. If he had not studied cell biology and worked in a genetics lab before being accepted into medical school, he would not have met his wife Rowena. And if his private practice in Turnersville hadn’t “overprospered, he wouldn’t have thought the time was right to make a change and accept Dr. Andie’s invitation to interview here. He graduated from Wagner College on Staten Island and received a master’s from Rutgers in cell biology in 1991. He was accepted by UMDNJ (now Rowan University) and finished his residency in 1998. Since then he has been working in private practice in internal medicine, geriatrics, rehab, long-term care and hospice. In his new full-time position here, Dr. James has been assigned to patient care in Woolman, and then slowly he will take on patients of his own. Dr. Andie (Medical Director Andrea Iannuzzelli) has laughingly said that there is already a list of volunteer patients waiting.

Rowena, Jessica, and Dr. James

Rowena D’Amico, his wife, is a radiation therapist who has worked for the Kennedy Hospital system for 20 years. Their daughter, Jacqueline, is 18 and a freshman at Muhlenberg College. Dr. James is waiting for his younger daughter, Jessica, 13, to graduate from grade school before possibly moving their home closer to Medford.  “The campus here is really beautiful,” he said appreciatively of the beauty of nature at Medford Leas. And, of course, he is looking forward to making a positive contribution to the Wellness Center in its care of us all.
text by Suzanne Frank, photos by Margery Rubin

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