Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

Pathways to Learning at Home

Thank you for checking in to explore our Fall 2020 Pathways to Learning at Home page.
Since the inception of Medford Leas in 1971, lifelong learning and community engagement have been integral components of the culture of Medford Leas.  We are very proud of the quality of programming that Pathways to Learning has brought to residents and members of the local community since the Fall of 2012.
Over the past months, a group of residents and staff have worked collaboratively to develop an assortment of programming for you to enjoy from the comfort of your homes.  The programming will run September through November.  As you will see, the programs include presentations from a number of Medford Leas residents, staff, and community partners.  We appreciate their participation.
Again, on behalf of the Medford Leas community, we appreciate your interest and support of our programming. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with members of the community and we value these interactions.
We see this fall season as a way to remain in touch with you. We all look forward to the time we can be together in person again.  In the meantime, please know we are thinking of you and hope you find something of interest this season.

September 2020 Video Schedule

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POLST Form:  Making Your Wishes Known

Making your wishes known is important for individuals of all ages.  These wishes are often deeply personal and based upon your particular values and beliefs.
You will gain valuable insight on this topic from Dr. James D’Amico, Medford Leas Medical Director.  In particular, Dr. D’Amico will focus on POLST—Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment.
POLST is a healthcare planning tool that empowers individuals to work closely with their medical team to detail their wishes in terms of their personal goals and medical preferences when facing a serious illness.   Unlike other documents, such as an advance directive, a completed POLST form is an actual medical order that becomes a part of an individual’s medical record.  It is valid in all healthcare settings.
View this program to gain constructive knowledge on this important topic.   The goal of this session is to share information and to encourage participants to then engage in discussion with loved ones, family members, and healthcare professionals so that your wishes will be known and honored.

Dr. James D’Amico
Dr. D’Amico, DO, FACOI, Medford Leas Medical Director, is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  He offers Medford Leas residents a strong and comprehensive background in internal medicine, geriatrics, rehabilitation and long-term and hospice care.  Dr. D’Amico works collaboratively with our health and wellness professionals and is proud to be the leader of the Medford Leas Health and Wellness Team.



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The Morris Family:  New Jersey’s Founding Family

Morristown, Morris Plains, and Morris County are just the most obvious reminders of this influential and ubiquitous New Jersey family. From Governor Lewis Morris, our first Colonial head of the state in 1738, to his grandson, Gouverneur Morris, who wrote the Preamble to the United States Constitution, the family’s legacy in New Jersey and New York is rivaled by no others. The presentation and discussion will explore where the Morris family came from, their original settlement in Tinton Falls in Monmouth County, what they did, and interestingly, why they are so little remembered today. Rick Geffken, a popular speaker on historical topics, lives on land once owned by the Morris family and reveals little-known facts about the Morris Family and their New Jersey connections. Special thanks to our Medford Leas Residents Association Leas Forum Committee for organizing this talk.



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Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults

We all know that exercise benefits all of us—no matter what our age, but how does exercise specifically benefit older adults?
Regular exercise can boost your energy, protect your heart, manage pain, improve memory and help to manage weight.  As a result of regular exercise, you may find that your mobility and flexibility is heightened, your balance improved and your cognitive function enhanced.
Join in to view this discussion between Ken Roland, Medford Leas Fitness and Aquatics Manager and Roberta Foss, Medford Leas resident, as they explore this topic.



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