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This post has links from the website of David Barile, medical director of Goals of Care, who was the speaker at the Leas Forum on January 11, 2014.     Dr. Barile and his organization  worked successfully to ensure  the New Jersey POLST form begin with an understanding of the patient’s goals of care. In New Jersey, POLST stands for “Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatments.” These are medical orders from a physician or advance practice nurse that address patient goals, scope of therapies, artificial nutrition, and resuscitation status.  The POLST form is relatively new, it was adopted early in 2013. It now being used at Medford Leas. POLST explained through a FAQ and at  and also through a series of instructional videos.  The link below goes to the basic one for individuals, which is also embedded. [youtube X4OTG-Mn3TM]

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