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How do I take the next step?

The journey to becoming a resident of Medford Leas starts with a very simple step – let us know you’re interested! Our team is happy to give you a tour and begin your personal journey. Request a tour today by scheduling a tour. - Request More Info...

What makes Medford Leas different from other communities?

While all communities have unique qualities, we believe Medford Leas has several we wish to share with you: Vibrant, Engaged Residents Medford Leas residents are truly our greatest asset, with their self-governing residents’ association and over 90 resident-directed...

Are there advantages to choosing a not-for-profit community?

U.S. corporations are charted either as “for-profit” or “not-for-profit.” The officers of for-profit companies are charged with generating profits for their shareholders. By contrast, not-for-profit organizations have no shareholders, leaving any excess of revenue...

How do I know if I can afford Medford Leas?

We offer complimentary preliminary financial reviews by phone or in person. With a variety of residential living accommodations and contractual options, Medford Leas has entrance fee and monthly fee packages that are affordable for most asset and income levels.

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