Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

When it comes to long-term care opportunities, the options are a dime a dozen. You can find people ready to offer long-term care in most, if not all, cities throughout the country. But not all care communities are created the same. Which is why it’s important to have a specific list of priorities when beginning your search. Specifically, you should look for a long-term care community with a reputable wellness department. This can prove to be the difference between living a mere existence and living a healthy and fulfilled life. Here are five benefits of a robust wellness department for senior long-term care:

1. A robust wellness department includes a well-qualified medical team

While long-term care facilities are required to have at least a registered nurse on staff with access to a physician, not all long-term care communities are required to be led by a Board-certified medical director and staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners and other qualified professionals. It would stand to reason, however, that the stronger the medical team, the better the wellness department. And whether you are looking for someone to care for you or a family member, you want to place that care in capable hands.

2. A robust wellness department offers a generous list of health and wellness services

One of the ways long-term care facilities keep their costs low (in addition to maintaining minimal medical staff) is by offering few, if any, health and wellness opportunities. They are looked at as “needless extras.” Yet, a long-term care community with a robust wellness department offers a long list of opportunities to stay engaged–mind, body, and soul. The right long-term care community understands that quality of life is closely tied to health and wellness. These opportunities can include the following:
  • Various therapies
  • Diet and nutrition management
  • Rehabilitation
  • On-site pharmacy

3. A robust wellness department maintains a creative list of life enrichment programming

One of the first things you should ask for when you visit a long-term care community is a list of enrichment programs. The number and types of activities offered can tell a lot about a community. If the activities are limited to Bingo night and a movie marathon (both of which can certainly be fun on occasion!), it may be a red flag. Generally speaking, the more committed a community is to providing creative programs, the more committed the community is to health and wellness. A robust wellness department will offer a variety of programs that engage the mind and body and promote whole-person health. These activities could include any of the following:
  • Biking/Activity Paths
  • Computer Lab
  • Core Strengthening
  • Exercise Studios/Fitness Centers
  • Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools & Spas
  • Personal Trainers
  • Strength Training
  • Tai Chi
  • Tennis Courts
  • Water Aerobics
  • Yoga

4. A robust wellness department keeps an eye toward nature

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to argue that nature doesn’t play a significant role in health and wellness. A robust wellness department, then, would use nature to its fullest advantage. Look for a long-term community that incorporates the beauty of nature and encourages a close affinity between nature and residents of the community. If not located amid beautiful scenery or acres of accessible nature, the community should organize opportunities to take nature walks or enjoy ongoing excursions in the great outdoors.

5. A robust wellness department encourages the exploration of hobbies

Part of good health involves doing what you enjoy – learning, growing, and strengthening skills and interests. A robust wellness department will offer classes and groups of some kind–fostering community and improving the mind. Look for a community that encourages residents to participate in activities and join interest groups. Get involved in groups that attend concerts, go sightseeing, plan forums, volunteer time, read books and write newsletters. A fulfilled life includes enrichment opportunities centered around events and past times you enjoy. Ready to find a long-term care community that offers all of the above benefits? Look no further. We would love to show you around Medford Leas. Medford Leas is a unique, fully accredited continuing care retirement community, spread across two campuses. We are proud to offer a fulfilling living experience to adults 55 and older. We believe all adults should have the opportunity to expand their minds and strengthen their bodies. To that end, we are focused on nurturing the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of each resident. Come see our fun fitness opportunities, or stay for lunch. We would love to give you a tour of our home choices, and discuss how our robust wellness department can meet your needs–now and in the future. Stop by or call us today: 800-331-4302

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