Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

Independent Senior Living in New Jersey

Are you a senior looking for independent living in New Jersey? Independent living at Medford Leas is designed to provide safety, comfort, and overall enjoyment to all senior residents. Our independent living is a unique form of senior living, as it is also considered a continuing care retirement home community, or a CCRC. Senior residents of Medford Leas, located in Medford, New Jersey, can come in as independent living residents and continue living here as their needs and health change, making them eligible for assisted living services. From studios and 1-2 bedroom apartments to luxury townhomes, our independent living campus can’t be beat. Our goal is to provide quality and authentic senior independent living in NJ to all residents that seek a scenic, comfortable, and active environment.

What is Independent Senior Living?

Independent living allows seniors to live independently on a campus surrounded by people their age. Residents at Medford Leas will have the same opportunities and abilities they had before relocating to our campus; the only difference is that there are senior care and medical care options readily available. Our 55+ residents can go on and off campus as they please and can have friends and family over to visit the same way they would before relocating to our campus.

Many people choose senior independent living in NJ because they don’t want or need the space of their previous home, nor do they want to have to care for a property anymore. Likewise, many people choose independent living at Medford Leas because of our continuing care options. Residents can relocate to our campus as healthy retirees and continue to stay on our scenic and comfortable campus for the rest of their lives. Independent living residents have the option to transition from independent living to assisted living residents without having to relocate. 

Is Independent Senior Living Right For Me?

Independent living may be the option that you have been searching for as you look for a trusted retirement community in New Jersey. Ask yourself what you are looking for in this new chapter of your life. Below are some important things to consider when deciding whether or not to transition to senior independent living in NJ.

  • Whether or not you want to continue to maintain and care for a property
  • If you have trouble getting around/going up and down steps
  • If you need assistance with transportation
  • Whether or not you prefer to be surrounded by people you own age
  • If you or your significant other needs mild medical assistance regularly

It is also worth thinking about if you want just an independent living community in NJ, or you want a senior independent living community in NJ that also offers continuing care options. 

Benefits of Independent Senior Living in NJ 

There are a variety of benefits when it comes to independent senior living in NJ. Below are the most notable benefits:

Readily Available Health Care and Support Services

Independent living communities offer 24/7 health care and support services for residents; some of these support services include:

  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Emergency services
  • Life coaches
  • Doctors and nurses
  • In-home care services that help with general housekeeping, medication reminders, transportation and meal prepping

Housing Options and Maintenance-Free Living

Residents who choose to relocate to a 55+ community will have a variety of housing options to find a home that is exactly what they are looking for. From townhomes to apartments, seniors can choose the housing option that is practical for their lifestyle.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of senior independent living in NJ is maintenance-free living. Residents will no longer have to care for the exterior of their home and will have help with anything that goes wrong on the interior and an HVAC issue, hanging or fixing lighting fixtures, washers, or dryers problems, etc.


In addition to no longer having to care for and maintain a property, residents will also get to take advantage of:

  • Assistance with fixing and replacing household appliances
  • Events and activities all within walking distance from his or her home
  • Frequent events and outings with neighbors and residents
  • Snow removal
  • Transportation 

Assistance with these sorts of thighs will make senior’s lives much more comfortable and convenient as they age.

Life at Medford Leas Independent Senior Living Community 

Medford Leas is an independent senior living community whose services can’t be beat. Our residents are guaranteed to keep busy, stay active, and have things to look forward to while on our scenic campus. Residents will be surrounded by nature and will be a part of a comfortable and calm environment. At Medford Leas, you will finally be able to rest easy knowing that your needs are met, including your healthcare needs. 

Our Senior Living Options in NJ 

One of the things that make Medford Leas unlike any other senior independent living community in NJ, is the living options that our residents have access to. Medford Leas has two campuses, the Medford Campus and the Lumberton campus. Both are outstanding options for 55+ adults that enjoy being surrounded by nature and want to be part of a relaxed and welcoming community.  Both campuses offer topnotch services; however, the Medford campus is a CCRC, meaning residents can stay exactly where they are even after they transition from independent living to assisted living.

Medford Campus 

Located on a 168-acre campus in Medford, NJ, our Medford campus features The Barton Arboretum and Nature Preserve as well as vast amenities all within walking distance from residents’ homes. Our Medford campus offers various floor plans for residents that fall into two categories, Townhomes and Patio Homes and Courtyard Garden Apartments.

Townhomes & Patio Homes

For residents that are looking for a more spacious housing option, we offer five different town and patio home options, including:

Courtyard Garden Apartments 

To ensure that residents have a variety of options when it comes to finding a home that is right for them, our Medford campus also offers seven different apartment options. 

One Bedroom 
Two Bedrooms

Lumberton Campus 

Our Lumberton campus is located on 89 acres of meadows surrounded by woods. Residents of the Lumberton campus will have access to an art gallery, library, pool, tennis court, and much more that is a short walk from their home. Lumberton residents will have a choice between a town and a patio home.

Townhomes & Patio Homes 

Both town and patio homes have three options; one, two, or three bedrooms. The one-bedroom option features a first floor with a basement, and the two and three-bedroom option features both a first and second floor, as well as a basement.

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