Ferrill (Lefty) Alderfer

Ferrill (Lefty) Alderfer

Lefty Alderfer graduated from Juniata College in 1957. Upon graduation, he received a grant from the Ford Foundation for liberal arts graduates administered by Temple University. This program led to certification and a master’s degree in education. While working towards his certification and master’s degree, Lefty began a career teaching mathematics at Octorara Area High School in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Later, he joined the Cherry Hill School System where he taught mathematics, became the chairman of the mathematics department and coached baseball. He attended graduate school at Rutgers University and taught courses at Pierce Junior College Rutgers University and later supervised the Cherry Hill East Adult School. Lefty became a resident of the Lumberton campus of Medford Leas in 2008 and is chairman of the tennis committee. He served on the Medford Leas Resident Association Council and is a past president. Lefty serves on the Estaugh Board of Trustees as well as the leadership development committee.



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