Tips for Seniors

While most of the posts on this blog are about Medford Leas, there are some posts that provide helpful information for seniors wherever they live. This page has pointers to those posts.


New Jersey Continuing Care Resident Associations. There are 25 Continuing Care Retirement Associations in New Jersey with Resident Associations that are members of ORANJ — the Organization of Resident Associations of New Jersey.  This post provides information about ORANJ, its mission, research, publications, and meetings through a series of links to the organization’s website.

Passwords and iCloud Keychain – linking to the iPad User’s Group lesson on password’s and Keychain, and to the group’s website which provides other lessons for iPad users.

Dr. Andie: “Eating to Protect Your Brain” – Dr. Andie will be a regular contributor to this blog. This is the first in the series.

Functional Balance – based on a lecture at the 2013 Fitness Day workshop. It includes two YouTube videos demonstrating balance exercises for seniors.

The Kids’ Inheritance  by Dorothy Cebula.  As a fortunate retiree with a decent savings, I had the flexibility to ponder two bumper stickers that were popular a few years ago. The first, an announcement that “We’re spending our kids’ inheritance” made me cringe when I considered the suggestion that selfishly and frivolously wasting money was chosen over preserving funds that could be used for other purposes.  The second offered a taste of justice or revenge advising “Get even. Live long enough to be a burden to your children.”  While this approach to life may be tempting for a nanosecond, it was certainly not a philosophy I could embrace or encourage.

Although humor was the intent for both statements, a serious issue is obvious.  — more...

Four Points of Posture.  Plan to improve your posture. This post is based on the posture session presented at Fitness Day in 2013. It includes two YouTube videos on the correction of Forward Head Posture

The Right Fit – Choosing a CCRC  Dorothy Cebula compares the search for a CCRC to the search for a University.  There are a myriad of choices and none is “just right” for everyone.  Her post provides links explaining the govenment’s “Five Star” rankings and to the CARF accreditation website.  read more

POLST and Goals of Care – David Barile, medical director of Goals of Care, spoke at Medford Leas on January 11, 2014.   His website provides detailed explanation, including videos, of of New Jersey’s  POLST form. POLST stands for “Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatments.” These are “medical orders” from a physician or advance practice nurse that address patient goals, scope of therapies, artificial nutrition, and resuscitation status.

Technology – Learning Like a Five-Year-Old – Dave Bartram’s essay for the Medford Leas iPad Users Group provides interesting tips for seniors based on his observations of how his grandson, who doesn’t yet read, quickly learned to play “Angry Birds”  on an iPad.



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